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20th Anniversary Message From CMD


Dear Colleagues,

The CARE Group of Hospitals has just completed two decades in providing services. It has been a successful journey of twenty years where we have strived to provide good care to our patients, reached out to the under privileged through community programs as well as looked after our associates, staff and medical professionals as best as we could. We have also tried to institute an academic culture where knowledge can be acquired and shared through various means. With the help of our investor partners, who share our aspirations, we are poised for international expansion with an opportunity to become a global provider of skilled health care staff.

There is a need for the contemporary health system to shift its focus from being merely hospital based and people centered to community based care. The emphasis should be on reaching out to the society at large and tackling aspects like the burgeoning non-communicable disease burden. Community medicine, wellness programs and home care could be better leveraged to meet this requirement. However, clinical excellence and specialty based quality services must continue to be the bedrock around which other systems function.

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The knowledge and skills of healthcare providers is of paramount importance and therefore we must put in our best efforts to train staff be they doctors, nurses, technicians or administrators. Besides domain skills and bio-sciences, the academic curriculum around healthcare systems science should be holistic and consequently include subjects like leadership, health economics, informatics and IT, as well as promote team based inter/multi-disciplinary care. Continuous education for improvement is a vital need. We must inculcate the habit of reading and promote informal learning through initiatives like the CARE Book Club. We also need to be ever vigilant and take necessary action to ensure that we remain a sustainable organization in light of the competitive environment and the recent governmental controls. It has understandingly taken us a lot of time and effort to create a platform to practice the right medicine. I believe that we are now in a good position to achieve the Vision that we have set out for ourselves and aspire in the words of Archimedes 'Give me a place to stand on, and I can lift the world off its hinges'.

I would like to thank all of you for your loyalty, support and innate belief in the systems and values of CARE. My best wishes to you and your loved ones for peace, happiness and good health. May you succeed in all your professional and personal endeavors. Let us together make sure that we continue to provide good services that will make us proud of the wonderful CARE family that we are a part of

Warm Regards


B. Soma Raju
Chairman & Managing Director
11 July 2017

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