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Chairman's Message


The vision of CARE Hospitals began many years before it was finally crystallized. A vision to provide world-class services to every citizen of India, a country with vast disparities in the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services.

In the eighties, we were a group of 10 cardiologists, working together at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS). We were young, idealistic, dedicated and motivated young professionals, concerned about the state of the country’s healthcare and wondering how to maintain the nobility of the medical profession. We developed the concept of a collaborative team, working together to provide comprehensive care to patients, and demonstrating that modern medicine, in totality, could be practiced only through organized, complementary multispecialty teams. The successful application of the concept of teamwork for holistic healthcare delivery proved successful and, within a short span of time, the Cardiac Department at NIMS was propelled into the top league of the cardiac healthcare space in India.

Paradoxically, in our success lay our frustration! We recognized that the benefit of our cutting-edge research extended only to a privileged community; the majority of patients could scarcely afford to avail of the advancements in medical science, achieved by some of their own countrymen. This realization laid the foundation of one of the components of our mission – making modern medicine affordable and accessible to all.

The Beginning

We might have continued thus on our way – working in small pockets, making intermittent improvements, presenting papers at international conventions, but barely altering the status quo of India’s significant underprivileged community’s access to quality healthcare – had it not been for Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (former president of India and then Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India) who inspired us with a few simple lines:

Develop indigenous technology.
Reduce medical costs. 
Reach medical service to all.

Dr. Kalam walked his talk; he partnered with us to form the Society of Biomedical Technology in 1993 that developed the Kalam-Raju stent — India’s first indigenous coronary stent that helped bring down the cost of cardiac surgery significantly. More importantly, he inspired us to extend our commitment to the community by enlisting the support of 20 like-minded cardiologists, pooling all our savings and creating a full-fledged medical facility in 1997. In affirmation of our core philosophy, it was called CARE Hospitals, under the umbrella of the parent company Quality CARE India Ltd.

At the very outset, we resolved that CARE Hospitals would not be just another medical facility.

  • They were not created to serve the rich, but would address all sections of the community.
  • They would not charge all sections of the community in the same way but would price services according to the paying capacity of the patient.
  • They would not turn away a patient simply because he/she could not afford our services, but would channelize their own social responsibilities and the goodwill of the community to provide healthcare to the underprivileged.
  • They would provide not just routine medical care, but also a world-class service to all.
Good Governance

At CARE Hospitals, one of our most effective differentiators is the reconciliation of clinical and corporate governance.

As part of our clinical governance, we have defined our core purpose: ‘To provide care that people trust’, affirming that we will always provide medical care with a human face, we will provide relief to our patients and aim to increase their longevity and we will do all this through a transparency of process and practice.

As part of our corporate governance, we resolved that we would manage our hospitals as trustees of our shareholders’ interest. Consequently, our board has a fair mix of working and independent directors, we abide by the laws of the land in all the locations of our presence and strive to enhance stakeholder value in a responsible and sustainable manner.

An Eventful Journey

If there is one thing that we have demonstrated over the last 19 years, it is that a good conscience can translate into good business.

Despite altruistic ideals and a ‘soft’ business model, CARE Hospitals has grown successfully.

  • We started as a single-specialty cardiac hospital; today we are a multispecialty hospital chain with 14 hospitals and new ones on the anvil.
  • We started with 100 beds; we now have a capacity of close to 2100+ beds.
  • We started with 20 doctors and 200 support professionals; today we provide consultation in over 30 specialties through more than 600 doctors and over 5000 support professionals.
  • We treated 1,182 patients in the first year of our launch; in close to 20 years, almost 8 million outpatients and 1 million inpatients have been treated across the network.

Going forward, we intend to continue investing our resources to improve the accessibility of quality healthcare and make it more affordable to the general masses. We intend to do this through a self-sufficient business model that will generate value for all our stakeholders – our patients, share-holders, associates, employees and the community at large.


B. Soma Raju
Chairman & Managing Director

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