Patient Experiences

  • Mr. Mukund speaks about his leg muscle pain treatment at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    I admitted myself to CARE in the hope that I could regain the full use of my legs. The staff here are very cooperative; they listen to your problems and attempt to find solutions based on your needs, to the best of their ability. I am happy with the way I was taken care of here. Everyone should have a doctor like Dr. Sancheti and they should come to CARE Hospitals to get their problems treated. CARE is an excellent hospital!

  • Mrs Khushbu Galaiya talks of her husband’s Liver Transplantation at CARE Hospitals, Hyderabad

    There is a lot of difference between CARE Hospitals and other hospitals. At CARE hospitals, the management, neatness, cleanliness, staff, doctors and all the teams are very good as compared to other hospitals. It doesn't feel like we are in a hospital. It feels like a family, they treat us like family members, which I’ve never seen in any other hospital.

  • Mr Jitendra Popli speaks of his liver transplant surgery

    It's 40 days since the surgery was performed. There is no bloating of the stomach so far. Before surgery, my stomach would be filled with fluid every 5 days. I feel very good now. Earlier, I was not even able to talk like this for so long. All the doctors, paramedics and other staff were very cooperative and helped us a lot!

  • Mr. Rajeshwar Rao's experience on amputation of leg treatment at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    The doctor has done a great job; the best part about the doctors here is that even after the operation they called me up to enquire about my health. Unlike other hospitals, CARE is genuinely concerned about their patients even after their treatment. I truly appreciate this. The nurses are very dedicated and responsible towards their work. You call them at any time and they come with a big smile and serve your needs. This is the best hospital in Nagpur…When one comes to a hospital they look for facilities or value and CARE has both. Best of all they don't keep patients under treatment unnecessarily for the sake of money.

  • Mr. Aravind Jain talks about his niece Anamika's hole in heart surgery at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    A month after she was born, we learnt that she had a hole in her heart. We decided to go ahead with the operation as a delay may reduce the chance of saving the child's life. The doctors and staff here are excellent, they treated her with love and care and such a major operation was a success. The doctors were very reassuring. She is healthy now and I am grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff of CARE Hospitals for giving her a new lease of life.

  • Mr Prashanth Sirsagar on an angioplasty at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    The doctors and staff took care of my health, round the clock. They take care of the patients as well as the attendants and don't pressure them the way other hospitals generally do. The patient as well as the attendant is made to believe that everything will be fine. The facilities and services are excellent and even people who have no one to attend to them are fed and taken care of here. CARE Hospital offers excellent treatment at an economical rate and no other hospital can match it in these aspects.

  • Mrs Shobha Sahu talks about pancreatic cancer treatment of her husband at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    We have no words to express our gratitude. The kind of moral support the doctor gave us during the operation was extraordinary. He motivated the patient and gave us confidence. Cancer is such a word that just by hearing it, one gets nervous and the entire family gets demotivated. Post operation, my husband’s health has improved a lot. Now he is leading a normal life. Whenever we come for a check-up, the doctors speak very positively.

  • Mr. Vivek's experience on renal failure & kidney transplant treatment at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    From the first time I met Dr. Khandekar, I trusted him. So I decided to have my kidney transplant at CARE. The feeling of trust is indescribable; it helped immensely in my treatment. He is extremely knowledgeable and very clear in explaining the details of the treatment to the patient. The nurses and staff were great and very helpful after I underwent my transplant. The best thing about CARE is you never feel like a patient, they treat you like a family member and take care of you.

  • Mr Sushisheshra's experience on treatment of heart attack at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    Dr. Kamal was always there to make sure everything was going well, to the point that I wondered if he ever went home! He came regularly and enquired about my condition. This is helpful as patients are reassured that doctors are taking care of them. The nurses and staff were on call at any time of the day or night. I recommend CARE Hospitals to everyone as any hospital that has doctors and staff that truly care for their patients would be best able to deal with whatever problems and issues the patients may face.

  • Mr Abhilash Chandra talks about his heart attack treatment at CARE Hospitals, Nagpur

    The reason I chose CARE is because firstly, it is close to my home and secondly, it is one of the most renowned hospitals here in Nagpur. The way the doctors at CARE talk and treat the patients, it instills them with confidence and reassures them that they have come to the right place for their treatment. It is a very friendly environment; I have never gone to another hospital since my operation at CARE. I would recommend CARE to anyone with heart problems as it is the best hospital in Nagpur

  • Overall it was a good experience. Dr Vipul Seta explained the procedure and gave us confidence. Everything went as per the plan. A lot of help was extended by Ms Manisha K for the insurance procedure. It was due to her that we could get the cashless benefit.

    Mr Kamal Shende, Nagpur

  • The behavior of the staff is nice & friendly. The best thing about the hospital is the concern they show towards the patients. And the quality of service is really very good. I am extremely happy.

    Ms Mamta Charan, Nagpur

  • CARE Hospitals provides very good facility for the patients. The doctors' concern towards the patients is also good. Dr Prashant D is very good in all his treatment. It would be good if you allow two attendants to remain in the hospital with the patient.

    Mr M Jagat Dongre (patient Mrs Sharda Dongre), Nagpur

  • There are bad phases and bad times in everyone’s life. CARE Nagpur has given life to many people from different cities and states. My father was one of them. The worst day was when my father met with an accident. He had injuries on his legs and back and was unable to walk and stand. He was admitted under Dr. Mukesh Sancheti as Primary Consultant, but was under the supervision of Dr. Varun Bhargava, Dr. Mamta Joshi and Dr. Vivek Chourasiya and their team. He was really impressed by the treatment provided by all the doctors, nursing and other staff. He received good and high quality treatment. I want to whole-heartedly thank all the senior doctors who took care of my father and gave good quality treatment. Because of them my father is better today. I am sure the hospital will be at the topmost position very soon.

    Ku Shivani Kanaskar, D/o Mr Shrikant Kanaskar, Nagpur

  • Thanks to all staff and good management. I would recommend only CARE Hospital to others. Your services are excellent.

    Mr Mohamad Kume, Nagpur

  • Bhaurao is the attendant who follows all the instructions and performs his duties properly. I request you to please recognise his work. Overall staff is so cooperative and friendly.

    Ms Snehal Gadge, Nagpur

  • Services are very good. All staff and doctors are also good. Good management. Special thanks to Dr Anjali Ramkrishnan and Dr. Sunayna Dhunde.

    Mrs Sandhya Kolhe, Nagpur

  • My experience at CARE Hospital (Nagpur) was one of total surprise. No Delay. I have never had a better hospital room anywhere, not in England, Brazil or the USA. The name says it ALL!! The doctors, staff, everyone is superior. When I speak of my experience in India it will only be in glowing terms of satisfaction and praise.
    Thank you for taking such great care of me.

    Dr Richard Ellis, USA, IP No. 36222

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